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This product is different from the product I previously purchased. The color and consistency is softer. This product also have glitter. So far, I'm getting use to it.


I love love this color I was slightly nervous about ordering it I am so glad I did I get lots of compliments this is my go to where at least three times a week I love it I will be ordering more

Rich Bronze Foundation Stick

Mystery Lipstick Gift
Portia Burton-Whitt
Rude- never responded. Incomplete order.

Not filled properly. Advertised falsely, took my money and never responded to my emails. Absolutely the worst company I've dealt with in years.


Please refund my purchase or fulfill my order as advertised. I liked your product and would have represented you well but I've messaged several times and no one has responded. You effectively stole money from me and I'm super pissed off. So yeah. This company is garbage, apparently; steals money and treats its customers like shit.

Mystery Lipstick Gift

Seriously disappointing.

I'd made a very large purchase. The Beyoncé set wasn't filled correctly, I just got the red. The chocolate, pink and blue that were advertised were never sent and customer service hasn't responded after several messages trying to fix it. It's really sad. This company could have had my glowing endorsement very easily.

Concerned About Product

I’m concerned about my purchase. The glamorous chicks label was placed on top of another label Shout Pout. Also, the tube didn’t have the color Boy Toy anywhere on it. The one I purchased before had the lipstick name on the bottom and only one label.


I wasn't so disappointed in the black but the blue that I ordered was supposed to be liquid 24-hour stay like the black but instead I got what I would consider a sample size tube of regular lipstick and when I opened it the lipstick fell out on the floor. Not only that you charged me shipping for each lipstick single but my lipsticks came together in the same package.

Midnight 🖤🖤

Love 🖤🖤it. Not a lipstick 💄 person but I’m growing to it. When I was little younger in my 20’s I use to say they need a lipstick 💄 that last forever and don’t come off when you drink from a glass. I found it with glamours chick. Thank you!

the Best

love it!!!! perfect shade for me!

Boss lady red lipstick

This lipstick is amazing!! Stays on perfect!

Hannah Headwrap
Colleen Andrew

Hannah Headwrap


I absolutely love it!!!! I have red already, have had for 2yrs now. And still using it !! 😘😘🥰☺️

Vamp - Waterproof, smudge proof, transfer proof, and 24 hour stay DARK RED Matte Liquid lipstick

Boss Lady is just what this one displays in your lips.

This lipstick is the cream of the crop. No need to reapply; just touch-up your initial application after lunch for the 2nd half of your day.

A-List - Water proof, Smudge proof, transfer proof, and 24 hour stay Pink Matte Liquid lipstick

Boss lady Holiday red glitter lipstick collection

Boy Toy

I bought this for a friend and she never had a lip color that lasted this long! Thanks.


Love my lipgloss beautiful color real smooth on my lips

Leopard print slip on hair head wrap headband

My mom loves the head wrap headband. I love how fast you shipped it to her. We will be shopping with you again in the near future, and I will recommend you to others. Keep 🆙 the great work

Amira Fabric Headwrap
Colleen Andrew
Head wrap

Pics are true to product received. Nice product created.

Amazing product

I first saw this at the Carolina Christmas Show in Charlotte. Ladies were sporting these gorgeous Christmas red lips with a cool glittery sparkle! I've been hooked ever since. The color lasts a LONG time without drying out my lips. The look is amazing. The matte and shimmer lip wear is like none other I've used before, and I have a lot of lipstick. This is now my number one brand.