The Perfect Black Matte lipstick

In the early 2000’s it was bit taboo to wear black lipstick mainly because it was associated with the gothic culture. Today wearing Black lipstick is the in thing!  Black lipsticks have been worn by many celebrities including Lady Gaga, Rhianna, Christina Aguilera among others. Wearing black lipstick is not only fun but it is also very  chic and high fashion.  As a  staple in every high fashion runway and  in every mainstream magazine wearing black lipstick is definitely a fashion forward color.

Until recently, black lipstick was achieved by combining a black eye pencil with a black eyeshadow. As you can imagine, the result was not the best and not long-lasting. Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics has realized the need for a long wearing bold black lipstick and has created some colors to fix that problem.

Today  we have created the perfect long lasting and pigmented black lipstick called “ the blackest black. To create a black gorgeous lip, simply apply the black matte – no lip liner needed. This color is long lasting and will stay on all day – no reapplication needed.


We have also created a great matte black lip stain called Black Daiquiri. This color creates a gorgeous black lip with a glossy finish.  This color can be worn by itself or in combination with our “Blackest Black” matte lipstick. To add even more of a pizazz to your black lips you can also add one of our gorgeous cosmetics glitter. For both black colors we suggest that you wear it with Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics signature black glitter. With no base needed applying just a little bit of glitter directly on either color will jazz up any look.  Pair Any of our glitter colors with our black lip colors to create an amazing look!

Now  that you have received the tools to be fabulous - go an add some black lips and glitter  to your makeup routine and create something amazing!

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